Partial list of Cannonball Race Wins 3/17/17

Charles A. Robertson

Win                 Newport to Bermuda overall winner St. Davids Lighthouse Troph
Win                 Atlantic Class National Champion
Win                 Onion Patch Series
Win                 Queens Cup (2 timer)
Win                 12 Metre Cup Regatta – Museum of Yachting
Win                 Royal Yacht Squadron trophy (4 times)
Win                 Witmore Series (3 times)
Win                 DeCoursey Fales Trophy (2 times)
Awarded                 Yachtsman of the Year AYC
Win                 Latefa Challenge Cup
Win                 Michelob Newport 12 metre Regatta
Win                 NYYC Commodores trophy
Awarded                 Nathanael Greene Herreshoff Medal
Win                 Storm trysail Regatta
Win                 Skipper Race Annapolis Yacht Club
Win                 NYYC Race Commodore trophy (3 times)
Win                 Chandler Hovey Gold Bowl 12 metre
Win                 Herreshoff Regatta (12 metre)
Win                 NYYC Clucas Trophy
Win                 Navy Challenge Cup
Win                 Edgartown 12 metre Regatta
Win                 Block Island Governer’s trophy
Win                 NYYC Navy Challenge Cup (2 times)
Win                 Vice Commodore trophy
Win                 Edgartown 12 metre Regatta
Win                 Edgartown Venona trophy
Win                 Edward Welch Clucas Trophy